Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to enable visual block mode in gvim

This post is for friends who LEARNED vim in linux machine and now using a windows gvim. For friends who used with Linux vim will know "ctrl+v" enables visual block mode. But this key combinations are used to paste the clipboard contents in windows gvim. So, how to enable that visual block mode in windows gvim? It is easy :) press "ctrl+q" thats it. Now don't forget to hold shift key to select block of text for editing.


  1. Awesome, I was just wracking my brain on this, great survival tip for Linux dudes in windows-land!

    I used it for commenting block of code:

    CTRL-q (Go in visual mode)
    jjjjj (move cursor)
    I (shift eye to insert)
    # (comment character)
    ESC (Escape, writes out)

  2. Hi thank you gordystronach, you are the first commenter in my blog.

  3. Searched up and down the internet for this. Thanks for providing the answer. I'll re-blog it.

  4. Hey, thank you very much! Another problem solved...

  5. Hey, thanks. this post is still helping people! Linux users traveling through WinWorld need all the help we can get...